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Are hashtags making your head spin? Don't know your "memes" from your "mentions"? Who are "influencers" and why does it matter how many "likes" they're getting?

Our training workshops are the perfect way to get to grips with social media.

We will guide you through the often intimidating world of digital media in a fun and relaxed environment. 

1-2-1 sessions are available as well as small group workshops and evening classes to bring your whole team up to speed. 


Course Content;

In these 10 
weeks, you will learn the

fundamentals of building a business

presence using Social Media.

Modules Include;

- Defining your avatar (identifying your perfect client)
- Strategy development (finding your avatar on social media)
- Social media platforms (which are appropriate for your business?)
- How to use your strategy to start marketing on social media
- How to create appropriate & successful content
- Photography & videography workshops
- Creating a strong brand/presence online
- How to use social media analytics to review your strategy
- Developing your ongoing social marketing stratergy

Entry Requirements; No experience necessary

Materials; The items below will be required:

Notepad and pen
Laptop, IPAD or tablet

Venue: Hereford Campus

Minimum age: Students need to be 19 years or older to enrol on this course

Tutor: Sophie Armstrong, Joanna Clark

Duration: 10 weeks

Date: 2nd October – 11th December 2019

Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Fee: £80 X 10 weeks @ 2 hours

Telephone: 0800 032 1986

Why We're Great >

Social Media for Business

10-week course starting 

Wednesday, October 2nd

@ 6pm.








Meet your tutors....



- Content Creation

- Branding

- Videography

Jo Clark


- Training

- Strategic Development

- Analytics

Sophie Armstrong

1-2-1 Training

What will I learn?

By the end of your 1 day workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand what social media is and how it will work for your business.

  • Understand which platforms work best for your specific industry.

  • Use analytics to evaluate the performance of your platforms.

  • Protect your business online.

  • Create a clearly defined social media strategy.

Price is £165 per person. Each additional person shall receive a 50% discount.

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