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7 reasons why estate agents should be using social media.

Competition within the property market is fierce. Adding an effective social media strategy to your arsenal can make all the difference in a super linked up and online world. If you don't feel like you are currently making the most of your social media platforms, here are 7 reasons why you should consider upping your digital game.

1. It’s cost effective

Social media marketing whether you choose to engage with paid advertising or not, still works out considerably cheaper than traditional marketing methods such as print or radio.

2. It’s targeted

The way that you engage with your audience on social media ensures that only your ideal customers are marketed to. Each social media platform has a different demographic. By utilising each of these platforms individually you can create a marketing strategy for each of your client groups regardless of who or how different they are.

Targeted advertising also makes your marketing budget go much further. Want to market a house to people aged between 25-35, living within 10 miles of Hereford, who have got married within the last 3 years? With social media marketing, that’s entirely possible.

3. It’s where your customers are

It’s calculated that there are approximately 145,000 active users of social media living in Herefordshire. That is to say that 145,000 of your potential customers are using their social media accounts 3 or more times every day.

4. It improves credibility

Your customers are 71% more likely to make a purchasing decision once they have engaged with your social media platforms. Reviews, testimonials, case studies and blogs are all fantastic ways to build credibility. Social media has become the new word of mouth.

Can your business afford to stay silent?

5. It’s a multimedia platform

Videos, 3D walk through tours and aerial photography can all be utilised on your social media accounts. 64% of surveyed consumers said that they made a purchase as a direct result of seeing a branded video for a product they were researching.

6. It improves conversion rates

The key to any successful social media campaign is a great call to action. 80% of social media time is spent on a mobile device. This means that when you show a targeted customer your ad or a potential customer engages with your social media accounts, their phone is literally in their hand. Creating a strong call to action with a 1 button call option is the best way to convert prospects into customers.

Social media pages and specific properties can also be easily linked to your website or to third part sites such as Zoopla or RightMove.

7. It’s quantifiable

Compared to traditional print or radio marketing, social media can provide you with detailed analytics so you know exactly how successful your efforts have been. These numbers can then be used to make your future marketing more effective.

8. It’s easy to manage

There are literally hundreds of tools, apps and pieces of software to help you manage your social media platforms some require a subscription but most are free. Alternatively, contact us today on 07786986512 to find out how effective social media management from Mustard Media Solutions can help you make the most of your online presence.

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