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Drone and UAV Services

Video content is key to any digital marketing strategy.  Aerial photography and videography can add a new dimension to your online presence, helping your customers see a different side to your business.  We can provide drone footage for;

- Corporate Videos

- Aerial Surveys

- Construction Sites

- Estate Agents

- Commercial Property

- Sport and Recreation 


The price for our drone services can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the time involved and the amount of post-flight editing required.

As a guide, each half-day of filming requires a further half-day of editing. Prices for a short marketing video start at £330 (this includes half a day on-site and half a day editing).

If no editing is required then our standard flight costs are;


DJI Drone Hire with ultra-HD 4k video camera with one pilot -  

Half-Day - £230

Full-Day - £420

Roof Survey  - Prices start from £80, call or use the form below to enquire.

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Mustard Media Solutions is proud to have received grant funding through the European Regional Development Fund. We recieved a grant of £1085.17 in order to facilitate the purchase of a UAV and associated equipment. 

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